A Home For Healthy Boxer Puppies

We are dedicated to breeding the best Boxer Puppies. A dog is a man's best friend, and we believe treating them back same is all they deserve. Our puppies have great pedigrees and are AKC registered. All our puppies are vet checked since their day of birth and are raised in our home. All our puppies are child friendly approved and do very well around other house pet.

Our puppies comes with a 1 year health guarantee, all documents, some puppy toys, blanket, crate and a handbook that explain more about the puppy and how to take good care of him/her.

About The Breed

The Boxer is known for being gentle and patient with children, however no child should be allowed to abuse your Boxer by climbing all over him or her, pulling ears and tails, grabbing toys from the dog, etc. All children need to be respectful of all dogs. However, your Boxer is highly affectionate and loyal, playful and happy. They are exuberant and energetic, known for using their paws as if sparring, so you will need to be careful of their unintentional actions when playing with children. They love to jump and you will need to teach your Boxer how to stop that natural behavior. Great both as watchdogs and guard dogs, they are wary of strangers but very friendly with those people who are familiar. You will need to be a consistent and committed leader using humane communication and training techniques. Your Boxer will want to bond with you and using humane techniques will make your relationship stronger and most successful.


Adult males 23 to 25 inches; females 21½ to 23½ inches at the withers. Proper balance and quality in the individual should be of primary importance since there is no size disqualification. Proportion -The body in profile is square in that a horizontal line from the front of the forechest to the rear projection of the upper thigh should equal the length of a vertical line dropped from the top of the withers to the ground. Substance – Sturdy, with balanced musculature. Males larger boned than females.

Coat and color

Short, shiny, lying smooth and tight to the body. The colors are fawn and brindle. Fawn shades vary from light tan to mahogany. The brindle ranges from sparse but clearly defined black stripes on a fawn background to such a heavy concentration of black striping that the essential fawn background color barely, although clearly, shows through (which may create the appearance of reverse brindling).

White markings, if present, should be of such distribution as to enhance the dog's appearance, but may not exceed one-third of the entire coat. They are not desirable on the flanks or on the back of the torso proper. On the face, white may replace part of the otherwise essential black mask, and may extend in an upward path between the eyes, but it must not be excessive, so as to detract from true Boxer expression. The absence of white markings, the so-called "plain" fawn or brindle, is perfectly acceptable, and should not be penalized in any consideration of color. Disqualifications Boxers that are any color other than fawn or brindle. Boxers with a total of white markings exceeding one-third of the entire coat.


These are of paramount importance in the Boxer. Instinctively a hearing guard dog, his bearing is alert, dignified, and self-assured. In the show ring his behavior should exhibit constrained animation. With family and friends, his temperament is fundamentally playful, yet patient and stoical with children.

Deliberate and wary with strangers, he will exhibit curiosity, but, most importantly, fearless courage if threatened. However, he responds promptly to friendly overtures honestly rendered. His intelligence, loyal affection, and tractability to discipline make him a highly desirable companion.

Any evidence of shyness, or lack of dignity or alertness, should be severely penalized. The foregoing description is that of the ideal Boxer. Any deviation from the above described dog must be penalized to the extent of the deviation.